It’s the Learning Experience!


Why NAHCR Image is a Can’t Miss Conference.

If you attend NAHCR Image in Orlando this year, you have a chance to meet the most important person at the conference.  One with a wealth of knowledge in health care recruitment.  You’ll find them sitting next to you in a learning session.

You’ll exchange ideas, learn about shared challenges and how others might be meeting those challenges.  You’ll make a friend, maybe find a mentor – and in the exhibit hall you’ll meet vendors with some great ideas.

What I enjoy most about NAHCR is the face to face conversations with recruiters and the other vendors that exhibit.  I find out what is working in different parts of the country, best practices, new recruitment tools – and most importantly, the challenges recruiters face on a daily basis.  I like to attend learning sessions.   I can pick up important information, and possibly meet the most important person at the conference, sitting right next to me.