It’s Hard To Sell An Imaginary Rabbit


The Four W’s of Healthcare Recruitment
And How They Impact Your Budget

W #2  – What

I’ve met a lot of salespeople who would make miserable recruiters, but I’ve never met an outstanding Recruiter who wasn’t an exceptional salesperson.   What’s the difference?  Attitude and enthusiasm to help. But if you want to attract real talent you need to sell them on your organization.

Your organization has strengths and weaknesses, and like it or not, you have an employer brand.   Do you know what it is?  Would your staff agree with you?   Would potential candidates?

Let’s talk about communications.   Is your messaging, from your career site to your ads, job postings, and collateral material, consistent?  As a recruiter, you are asking a talented professional to join your organization – and leave one in which they may have been quite comfortable.   You’ll sell them on your strengths, the organization, your people,  and opportunities, both personal and professional. But you aren’t their only source of information.

What does your front door look like?  That’s your career site, and if the messaging doesn’t do a presale job for you, making your organization attractive enough to merit consideration, your hiring is going to suffer.   Many new grads are desperate and will wade through the worst career site for a chance at a job. They don’t know who you are and getting a job is a great motivator.

Experienced candidates already know who you are. They may know someone who works for you, or maybe they have a short list of places where they might consider working.   Maybe they’ve seen an ad or posting – or maybe they went directly to your career site.  Is it clean, easy to navigate, mobile optimized and is your brand evident?   Do you expect someone with 15 years of experience to have an up-to-date resume – or spend 30 minutes completing an application?

In your annual budget, you have commitments to your ATS provider, certain job boards, etc.  How much of your budget is for your career site?   Take a tour of your career site from the candidate’s perspective. Does it sell your organization? Is it easy to navigate? Is it easy to find the job description, and does it have an application that doesn’t take hours?    You have other sales tools like print, postings, direct mail, eblasts, social media, radio.  And none of them matter if your career site isn’t ready.

So where should you devote some of your recruitment budget?  You will need to mirror your organization’s brand, but remember you will be addressing different audiences. Start with identifying your employment brand, then make sure it is recognizable in all of your communications and your career site.  You may need to make changes in content, appearance and navigation, and it will cost money.  But it will be money well spent.