Internet Access Through Smartphones and Tablets Continues To Grow Per comScore

Increasing use of smartphones and tablets is growing without any anticipated slowdown.  As of April of this year, smartphones (39% share) and tablets (12% share) account for approximately half of adults’ time online, a figure which goes up to 59% among 18-24-year-olds and 61% among women aged 25-49 according to a new report from comScore.

Smartphones account for 50% of online time for  18-24 and 25-49 year olds.  While smartphones only account for a 25% of online time for Americans aged 50 and older, tablets are used by 16% of the older demo, the highest market share for tablets among the different age groups.

66% of social media time goes to smartphones and tablets, as does 82% of online gaming time and 92% of online radio time.

The US’ “digital universe,” the term used by comScore to identify adults going online, is now at 194 million per month. Of those, about 63% (122 million) use both a PC and a mobile device, while PC-only users number 58 million (30% share) and mobile-only 14 million (7% share). Those figures are heavily influenced by older internet users. While 17-22% of internet users aged 18-49 are PC-only, that figure increases to 48% of those aged 50 and older.

14% of women 25-49 access the internet only through mobile devices, while 17% of online women aged 25-49 use only a PC.  74% of online males are “screen jumpers” using both mobile and PC’s only.

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