Indeed is #1 for Job Search Category Traffic

Job search engine Indeed is number one for job search category traffic for the fourth year in a row according to data released by comScore.

The start of a new year sparked fresh career ideas for Americans, who turned to online Career Services during the month.

And many of them turned to Indeed. For the fourth year in a row, Indeed had more unique visitors in the Job Search category than any other job site, with double the traffic of the next leading job site.

“We…saw a very seasonal spike in the Career Services category, including Job Search, Training and Education, and Career Resource sites, as Americans looked for ways to grow their careers and expand their skill sets in 2013,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore.

All three Career Services subcategories ranked among the fastest growing in January, with Job Search sites witnessing the largest increase (24 percent) with 28 million visitors. Job Search ranked #1 in the category with 17.3 million visitors (up 29 percent), followed by Job Search with 9.6 million (up 20 percent), Job Search with 9.1 million (up 32 percent) and Job Search with 4.7 million (up 40 percent).

Career Resource sites spiked 15 percent to 59.7 million visitors during the month, with Monster, Inc. in first with 25 million visitors (up 18 percent). In second place, CareerBuilder LLC drew 20.7 million visitors (up 7 percent), followed by Indeed with 20.7 million (up 38 percent) and Jobs & Careers with 6.4 million (up 44 percent).

Indeed was also recently named the #1 external source of hire, providing employers more hires than the next four job sites combined and nearly 10X more hires than LinkedIn.

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