Increased Hiring Projected For Second Half Of The Year Per CareerBuilder Survey


A new study by indicates that hiring for both part-time and full-time jobs should pick up during the second half of 2014.

CareerBuilder surveyed about 2,200 hiring managers and human resource professional from a variety of industries and companies across the U.S.  47% of employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees over the next six months, up from 44% in 2013.

27% of those surveyed also said they plan to hire part-time employees, up from 25% last year, while 33% expect to hire temporary or contract workers, compared to 31% in 2013.

According to the survey, the industries expected to see the most full-time hiring growth in the second half of this year are information technology, financial services, hospitality, health care and manufacturing.

11% of employers said jobs would be tied to social media and mobile technology. 10% said they anticipated new positions linked to cloud technology and wellness, while 9% mentioned web content strategy, as well as data interpretation and management.

Other areas where surveyed employers expect job creation are in cybersecurity, financial regulation, search technologies and health information.