In the U.S. 41% Access The Internet From Mobile Devices Per New Report From Media Audit

When tracking media usage it continues to become quite clear that we are living in a cross platform, convergence world with established media brands in addition to new brands connecting with their audiences across legacy platforms as well as newly-emerging media appliances. The platform right now on hyper-growth is mobile.

The mobile audience, including job seekers, is not only rapidly growing in the number of unique users, but mobiles users are spending an increasing share of their time with cell phones, tablets and the growing availability of hybrids.

Mobile users, at this time, tend to be younger, college educated, and less likely to be exposed to content via traditional media channels, though as more late adapters convert to mobile devices the mobile demographic will expand.

According to The Media Audit, nearly 41% of U.S. consumers accessed the Internet via a mobile device in a typical week in 2011, representing more than 21.2 million persons across Media Audit’s measured markets.

Media Audit reports nearly 80% of adults who access the Internet via a mobile device are between the ages of 18 and 49. Furthermore, among mobile Internet users, 40% drive 200 or more miles within a metropolitan area in a typical week, a rate that is 26% higher when compared to the general population. In addition to being highly mobile, mobile Internet users are 26% more likely to have a college degree. Lastly, the audience spends less time listening to radio, watching TV, or reading a daily newspaper when compared to the general population.

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