I Got Mail!

Really, actual mail and I was pretty excited to get something not addressed to “resident”.  So I opened the first envelope (It looked like an invitation) and it WAS an invitation!  To a holiday party at a Senior Assisted Living Community.  Next.

Now I normally wouldn’t open an envelope that highlighted Free Prepaid Cremation, details inside, but free is free and I had to look.    Inside I learned how cremation “just made sense”.  I also learned that the “Free’’ Cremation really was just a chance to enter a “Free Cremation Raffle”.  Really.  So I’ve got that going for me.

The last envelope looked like a wedding invitation so I opened and was delighted to see a card that read “Save The Date!”   Not having been completely thrilled by the first 2 communications,  I decided to hold off marking the calendar.   Turns out it was for the Grand Opening of a Hearing Aid store and a “Hearing Wellness Seminar”.  I could even qualify for a free 30 day hearing aid trial.

Now it is always important that a blog have a point, often making it more interesting.  So here it is.  I opened the mail.  Mail you don’t instantly delete, that sits in your hands for a moment, can create interest, if not just curiosity.   So the point is, properly done and effectively targeted, direct mail may have a positive impact on your recruitment program.

Fact is, I’m having second thoughts about that hearing aid trial.

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