Hope To See You At SHRM Or Wandering Throughout The Chicago Area. Or Both!!!

I will definitely be at the SHRM conference beginning this weekend with many of my peers from Shaker. And we want to welcome all visiting attendees to our city.

As Laurie Ruettimann (“The Cynical Girl”) says—McCormick Place and downtown is not exactly the heart of Chicago (though I believe it’s enticing and much better than when Laurie’s father worked in Chicago for “the old phone company”) so please, if you can, take some time to see at least one or two spots away from the conference center and get an idea of what our city is all about.

I agree with many of Laurie’s suggestions such as trying a Chicago style hot dog. But let me add to Laurie’s suggestions to remember in Chicago we have a lot of great toppings to try (so enjoy) but no ketchup. Pile on tomatoes, but no ketchup. Also, I personally prefer Hot Dog stands that offer Vienna Brand Hot Dogs and Rosen Buns. But that’s my preference. Take it as a tip, but not the Holy Grail.

If you can, go to some of the neighborhoods or suburbs, such as Lincoln Park area, Roscoe Village (just west of Wrigley Field), Lincoln Square, Wicker Park, Andersonville, Logan Square, Evanston (home of Northwestern University) or Oak Park (home of Frank Lloyd Wright, Ernest Hemmingway and Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications.) And yes, if you come to Oak Park, stop by at our corporate office at 1100 Lake Street for some coffee, conversation and a tour of the office.

If Laurie gives me a call, I’ll make sure she gets some Italian Beef and Lemon Ice at Johnnie’s Beef in Elmwood Park (just north of Oak Park); at least for Laurie the Lemon Ice, because if my memory serves me correctly, Laurie is a vegetarian.

So Laurie, I suggest (and personally love myself) The Blind Faith Cafe on Dempster Street, just east of Chicago Avenue in Evanston. (It’s my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the area followed by Chicago Diner on North Halsted.)  And for Watermelon Ice or Cantaloupe Ice, you have to go to Mario’s on Taylor Street in the Little Italy neighborhood. (Or Lemon Ice if you can’t make it to Elmwood Park for Johnnie’s.)

This coming week I hope to see everybody (well, at least a lot old and new friends) either at the SHRM conference, or strolling down Michigan Avenue, or having a pizza at either Pizzeria Uno or Due (the original locations for pan pizza in Chicago, where my Dad took me for my first “real pizza”, though nowadays there are dozens of good pizza spots with their own unique versions of pan or stuffed pizza), or at our offices at Oak Park.

Wherever it might be, if you need some help, just ask me.

Like Laurie, I love the entire Chicago area, and I’ll be glad to share it with everybody.

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