Highest Paying Jobs for those with Two-Year Degrees

While getting a four-year degree can pay off more in the long run in terms of salary, two-year degrees can be lucrative too. CareerBuilder just released a list of best-paying jobs for two-year degrees, including:

1) Air Traffic Controller – $113,547 – manages air traffic to ensure safe flying1

2) Radiation Therapist – $76,627 – treats cancer and other diseases with radiation

3) Dental Hygienist – $70,408 – examines patients, cleans teeth and provides other dental care

4) Nuclear Medicine Technologist – $69,638 – prepares and administers radioactive drugs and uses this when scanning patients for abnormalities

5) Nuclear Technician – $68,037 – assists in nuclear research and production

6) Registered Nurse – $65,853 – provides patient care and educates patients about various health conditions

7) Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – $65,499 – diagnoses medical conditions using special imaging equipment such as an ultrasound, sonogram, etc.

8) Fashion Designer – $63,170 – creates clothing, shoes and accessories

9) Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician – $61,547 – operates equipment used in developing and testing new aircraft and spacecraft

10) Engineering Technician (except drafters) – $58,698 – help engineers and scientists in research and development, specializing in different areas

Who knew you didn’t need a four-year degree to become an air traffic controller? For those who have four-year degrees or are in the process of getting them, these are the top paying jobs:

1) Petroleum Engineer – $122,242 – design methods for extracting oil and gas from the earth’s surface

2) Airline Pilot, Copilot and Flight Engineer – $105,518 – flies and navigates aircraft

3) Aerospace Engineer – $102,409 – designs aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles

4) Nuclear Engineer – $99,715 – researches and develops ways to get benefits from nuclear energy and radiation

5) Computer Hardware Engineer – $98,134 – designs, develops and tests computer equipment

6) Software Developer, Systems Software – $96,034 – develops computer applications and underlying systems

7) Chemical Engineer – $92,934 – applies chemistry, biology and physics to solve problems, typically involving the production of food, fuel, drugs, chemicals, etc

8) Electronics Engineer (excluding computer) – $91,478 – designs and develops electronic components for use in fields such as telecommunications, aerospace, acoustics, etc

9) Actuary – $91,062 – analyzes the financial cost of risk and uncertainty

10) Atmospheric and Space Scientist – $89,794 – investigates the atmosphere and meteorological data to prepare reports and forecasts; includes weather analysts and forecasters.

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