Health Care Recruiters are a Good Investment


Year after year I’ve watched HR executives neglect one critical investment, their recruiters.

Belonging to a number of Health Care Recruiter groups, I am always surprised at the lack of representation from many of an area’s hospitals. The numerous NAHCR chapters across the country have regular meetings, with speakers that impart a wealth of knowledge to the attendees. These recruiters can put what they’ve learned to work, becoming more effective at what they do by providing their hospital with a strong workforce.

No one is more committed to their work than a good healthcare recruiter. Some pay their own local chapter dues, drive hundreds of miles and pay for their own accommodations in order to attend a statewide conference. An even smaller number of recruiters have their institution pay for them to attend the annual NAHCR conference.

Some leaders just get it. In an industry where you expect health care providers to continue their education on a regular basis, some leaders feel it is important for their recruiters to grow as well. Without continuing education your talent acquisition team only knows “the way we’ve always done it” and what a vendor tells (or sells) them.

Imagine how much more effective a recruiter would be in hiring the right candidate if they attended a local chapter meeting every few months and exchanged ideas with other area recruiters. Now imagine how much more they would learn at a national conference, with an industry’s best speakers and recruiters from across the country.

Here’s a tip for HR Executives. Take a small portion of your annual budget and invest in your recruiters. It only makes sense.