Google Happily Lends Its Brand For Internship Movie

What do you get when you bring together Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Google? One outrageously funny movie about a couple of middle-aged men vying against brilliant 20-somethings for a seat at the world’s most popular company.

Lorraine Twohill, chief marketing officer at Google, said the company lent its brand and campus to the comedy in order to create buzz about Google.

Apparently, that strategy has worked.

This year Google plans on selecting 1,500 summer interns from a pool of 40,000 candidates. According to an article from the LATimes, the summer internship program is the No. 1 source of new hires for Google, which has nearly 54,000 employees.

And after seeing the comedy, that pool may grow even larger, as many moviegoers went home to put in their own application after seeing how amazing it can be to work at Google.

But why would a giant like Google need a movie to bring in more candidates?

It’s the simplest answer – competition. Google is battling cool companies like Instagram, Dropbox, Apple, Facebook, and tumblr for talent. There’s a veritable ocean of companies to work at, with perks a regular joe can only dream of.

“Google has an incredible hunger for talent. It needs to continuously consume talent,” marketing expert Andy Smith, coauthor of “The Dragonfly Effect”, told the LATimes. “This movie will build awareness with a mainstream audience.”

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