Former Google Exec Launches Job Recommendation Engine for Grads

Former Google head of product marketing Sanjeev Agrawal has discovered a key insight about college grads: most of them still don’t know what they’re aiming for after college.

So he went and created a job site that has a recommendation engine for companies.

Collegefeed hopes to help recent grads find lesser-known companies that might be a good fight for them, not just at places like Google and Facebook.The idea is to help lesser-known companies, many of which don’t have a presence on college campuses, get in front of job-hunting students.

On the site, graduates can create a “brand page” for yourself: Once the job seekers have completed their profile, they will have their own personal URL, their signature.

According to PandoDaily, the site also provides job hunters with a personalized feed of activity from companies posting new jobs and events. Users can follow companies as they’re deciding which they might be interested in joining. There is also a searchable database of interview notes, where candidates can provide anonymous feedback on interviews they’ve done.

About 10,000 students have signed up for the service so far.

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