Fifteen New Jobs Posted to Twitter Every Minute

At the speed of, well, the Internet, about fifteen new jobs are being posted to Twitter every minute, according to a study from Gozaik, a social recruiting company.

Twitter is fast-becoming the dominant channel for recruiting, and the stats back this up.

In the last six months alone, the rate at which jobs are being posted has grown by 32 percent.

The biggest category of jobs that companies are recruiting on Twitter for is sales, at almost 25 percent. IT jobs are a close second.

Another big category being posted on Twitter is medical/dental. Almost 15 percent of all jobs on Twitter are medical related, including physicians, orthodontists, and, medical directors.

“They are recruiting surgeons on Twitter and top-notch oncologists — many roles you don’t even see on LinkedIn,” Gozaik cofounder Joe Budziensk told VentureBeat. “There are a lot of professionals on Twitter who blog and tweet about the medical field, so therefore you get lots of announcements coming out in the hopes that these individuals will see them.”

According to the survey, with this kind of growth rate, Twitter will reach two million job postings a month.

The top cities for job postings on Twitter include New York, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Boston.

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