Engagement and Productivity Remain Top HR Concerns Followed By Developing Leaders And Retention

Human Resource Executive (HRE) Magazine released their 2013 “What’s Keeping HR Up At Night” survey and some of the concerns and problems remained close to the same as 2012.

“Ensuring employees remain engaged and productive,” was the biggest challenge for the second consecutive year, with 35% of the 613 respondents citing engagement and productivity as their top concern this year compared to 34% in 2012. The second biggest concern was “developing leaders” at 28% (32% last year) and “retaining key talent as the economy recovers,” at 25% (34% last year).

Other major concerns this year included:

Driving culture change —- 23%

Strengthening the employer brand and attracting the right talent to the organization —- 20%

Controlling healthcare costs —–  20%

Succession planning —– 20%

Training and developing the workforce —– 19%

Contending and complying with the Affordable Care Act —–  17%

Growing the business through innovation —– 15%

When asked about their concern over attrition over the next year, on a scale of 1 (not concerned at all) to 5 (extremely concerned), the median score was 3.7, with 61% of respondents rating their level of concern as either a “4” or “5”. In assessing the current state of employee morale and engagement on a scale of 1 to 5, the average score was 3.1.

The entire survey can be seen in print or online in this month’s issue of HRE.

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