Employees Seeking Job Security Per Towers Watson

worker photo

A pair of new surveys on employment, recruitment and retention from Towers Watson report that while employees rate job security as a critical factor when deciding whether to accept a new job or stay with their current employer, employers rank job security as a secondary factor.

32,000 workers worldwide responded to the employee survey, while 1,637 human resources executives responded to the employer survey.

On the relative importance of most other employee incentives both employers and employees rank those factors in a relatively similar priority. Those factors are:

  • base pay/salary
  • career advancement opportunities
  • learning and development opportunities
  • challenging work
  • an organizations reputation as a good employer
  • trust/confidence in senior leadership
  • relationship with supervisor/manager
  • length of commute
  • ability to manage or limit work-related stress
  • short-term incentives

After the past five years, since the beginning of the recession, with job candidates and current employees seeking relief from anxieties about layoffs and downsizing, employers might not be able to promise long-term job guarantees, but through external and internal employment-related communications, companies need to document their strategy, vision and financial integrity in a manner that will support individual confidence in the company and a maintain a sense of security on the job.