Don’t Buy a Cat and Expect it to Bark.


Life is built around expectations that don’t always work out.

Maybe it was your first car and how cool you’d look rolling down Main Street in your used Dodge Dart with three on the column.  (Believe me, it happened).   Did you get the job offer you wanted right out of college?   Santa always good to you?

In the recruitment world some of the products available to help you fill your open req’s may not work out.  Which is OK.  Who marries their prom date?

Your only problem comes when you put all of your hopes, dreams, professional reputation and budget into one source – that cat may not bark.  Recruitment products have some of the answers, but recruitment solutions require imagination, research, targeting, and branding.

When planning your recruitment budget don’t forget the four W’s – who, what, where and what if.

Next Time I’ll start with W#1 – Who…