Does Your Recruiting Strategy Need to Be Refreshed?

Companies are often so focused on finding the right candidate that they forget to take a good look at the way they are recruiting instead of placing blame on the actual channel or mode of recruitment. There is no one-size-fits-all recruiting solution available, and each company should carefully devise their strategy according to company size, budget, succession plans, and upcoming projects.

Josh Tolan from Business2Community writes about several ways you can refresh or update your recruiting strategy that could result in more qualified hires and a greater quantity of candidates to choose from.

For starters, companies should never overlook social media. Almost 94% of companies are using or planning to use social media in some recruiting capacity, according to a recent survey from Jobvite. But tweeting job postings or setting up a Facebook fan page isn’t going to get you a lot of attention. You have to engage candidates, tweak the candidate experience, and provide feedback. Growing your social media fanbase takes a lot of cultivating, time, and transparency. It won’t happen overnight.

Second, companies should include mobile recruitment in their social recruiting strategy. Their job sites should be optimized for mobile, and companies should also consider utilizing text messaging to update candidates on job postings, interviews, and other company info.

Tolan also suggests video interviewing as a way companies can refresh their recruiting strategy. If a candidate can’t fly out for the interview, or budgets are tight, why not interview over Skype or another resource? This is becoming so commonplace that a recent survey found that six out of ten companies are utilizing video interviewing in some capacity. Pre-recorded interviews are another way companies can speedily run through a heavy load of candidates and select the best ones in a brief period of time.

Lastly, companies should consider a form of cloud computing when examining how they will store and send out data. Cloud computing makes it easy to share candidates and information. The cloud is portable, so team members can collaborate on-demand. Decisions can be made immediately since all information is updated and readily available.

Refreshing your recruiting strategy will ensure you are ready for recruiting 3.0 now, and that you won’t get left behind in the dust by your competitors.

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