Does Anybody Think “Inside” the Box Anymore?


Remember the good old days, when recruiting was easy?  I don’t either. The great copout in recruiting is looking for new ways to communicate your message, asking your vendors to “think outside the box.”

Now “outside the box” doesn’t mean “goofy,” but it can and I’m sure we’ve all experienced a moment when we said “huh?”  All new ideas are bright and shiny,   products that will sort out and solve all of your recruitment needs.  There is a pretty package and a price tag that is not so pretty – as high as the promises with which it came.    You could take chances when you had a recruitment budget, but I’m guessing much of yours is gone.

Now in healthcare recruitment we’re faced with some real problems.  We’re cutting staff at the same time we’re hiring key personnel and have a budget that is a shadow of its former self.   Maybe it’s time to look “inside the box” for some ideas.

A thousand pardons, but a hospital’s best recruiters are not always in HR. They already work for you but probably don’t feel you need their help.  So tell them.  If you have the courage and willingness to listen, meet with a department that is having retention problems.  Have an active ERP to encourage their support.   Do your employees know if there is a career path for them?

Keep your brand alive and share your needs as an employer.  Identify your leaders. Get them on your team.  Every single person you interview and everyone who leaves your organization have one thing in common.  They liked you enough to apply at some point.  So if you want them at some point down the road, stay in touch with them.

Good recruiting isn’t always about reaching out. Sometimes it comes from looking inside and using your current resources.  There are hundreds of other ways to make your hospital an employer of choice.  Most of you already know that they’ve been hiding inside all the time.