Do they serve Hashtags @Waffle House?

Now for those of you who don’t  know the difference between a hashtag and a hashbrown (and I know there must be one other person), consider it a symptom of things running out of control.   Like trying to understand your teenage daughter,  or figuring out why your son needs whatever it is he thinks he needs.

A great portion of my time is spent in healthcare recruitment and I always thought the great challenges would come from technology, but I was wrong.    My problem isn’t technology, but terminology.

I used to marvel at the words and phrases people used to imply an intelligence that had long left the building.   Phrases like “It’s about synergies”, “It’s a paradigm shift” and “It’s the old 80-20 rule” were clear indications that the train had left the tracks.    The true loon qualifier would be the use of self identifying phrases like “People see me as a visionary”, “I’m an agent of change”, and “I’d never throw anyone under the bus.”

When internet recruiting and social media became prominent people created company names and sites you could understand – often by just putting two words together – MySpace, Facebook, CareerBuilder, etc.   Even better, the name gave you an idea of just what they were and/or did.  Sites like LinkedIn carried on the tradition and SimplyHired was easy to understand. Indeed was confusing but not as confusing as the debut of the granddaddy of silly names, Monster a name that I believe was used because Creature and MassConfusion were already taken.

So what do I do about Twitter, and tweeting, hashtags and memes?  If you can call it traditional, there was the spectacular combination of words I sort of understand with ones I do, like healthecareers and TweetMyJobs.  But I wonder, can I eat an Advogato or a Crunchyroll.

I’ve finally figured out  Pinterest,  but for a while I thought Instagram was a cereal.  And if a site calls itself delicious, is it?  I think a visit to Elftown  or Elixio might be fun. I can understand Exploroo  but I don’t think Fetlife is for me.  And I wonder if Lafango is a dance in Argentina.

Got something that makes you crazy?  Let me know.

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