Do “Come Back To Us” Kits Work? Yahoo Thinks So

In the last few years, companies have gotten smart about employee retention. They’ve even hired people who specialize in hiring people back.

Especially now, when restaffing to pre-recession levels, companies are digging through old employees files to figure out who left and why. And if they’re worth pursuing once again. The reasons why people leave jobs are numerous – a clash with a boss, a better salary, a greener pasture. But usually things weren’t so bad that they couldn’t be fixed by a bump in pay or a transfer to another department.

Yahoo is taking steps to rehire their former employees by sending out “employee welcome (back)” kits. These purple folders have been shipped to ex-VPs, engineers, and PMs.

A former employee who received a packet said it was full of papers talking about how much has changed since Marissa Mayer was hired. They talk about all the big opportunities that are open to those who have left.

TechCrunch said that so far, the packets were successful, since at least one person has gone back to Yahoo as a result.

If done right, with the proper follow-up phone call, efforts like these could result in a healthy dose of talent that is already familiar with the company and can hit the ground running.

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