Career Websites Must Be Intuitive, Mobile-Friendly And Engaging

A new survey of recruitment experts conducted by CareerXroads indicates the advantages of well-managed technology for the development and marketing of career websites has made recruiting more efficient  for employers, but only when the technology is candidate-centric.

According to CareerXRoads, the best career sites are:

  • Are easy to use. The “Careers” or “Jobs” button must be prominent on the corporation’s home page. Applicants should not have to click many times to reach the job description or other destination they seek. A one-click “Apply online” button on the careers landing page can be very effective.
  • Are accessible through mobile devices. Many people search for jobs on their phones but apply through PCs or tablets. Increasingly, however, applicants want to complete the whole process via their mobile device.
  • Are authentic. Slick professional videos and paid models won’t work anymore. Let actual employees tell the company’s story with video they’ve shot from their phones.
  • \Follow the job candidate. Through rapid responses to applications and through outreach, such as employer participation in social media groups, businesses should try to establish and nurture a connection with each site visitor.

The CareerXroads survey,  “Fortune 500 Corporate Career Websites: How Far Have They Evolved?”  reports that in some cases companies are “(treating) job seekers more as commodities than individuals,” and many “are not keeping pace with the shift to mobile.”

Shaker recommends to clients that the performance of a career website and the access of the site through optimization techniques as well as legacy and newly-emerging marketing strategies should be evaluated as a crucial priority for engaging and recruiting candidates.  For more information, contact an Account Executive at Shaker Recruitment Advertising & Communications.




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