Best Nurse Recruiter Ever?

At this time of year I always think about one of my very favorite Nurse Recruiters. She was an RN herself and had a very gentle way about her, but was firm in what she was looking for in a Nurse. We both had twins, hers grown, mine in diapers, and in the course of our conversations we became friends as well as business associates.

I was working one Christmas Eve and called to wish her a Merry Christmas. I asked her what she was doing for the Holiday. She told me she was working (a double shift) and when I asked why she said, “Some of our nurses have small children and I know how important it is for them to be home Christmas Day.”
How long do you think it took for her gesture to be known by every nurse in the Hospital? In that moment they knew she was more than a Nurse Recruiter, she was someone they considered a friend, a person of respect. I know she often walked thru the hospital to check on her hires. It isn’t hard to figure out why she had such a low turnover rate.
Best Nurse Recruiter Ever? That’s for you to decide.

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