Average Smartphone User Spends 36.7 Hours Per Week Using Apps Per Arbitron.

Arbitron Mobile says Americans spend more time using apps on their smartphone than they do talking, sending text messages or surfing the mobile web.

Time spent listening is a key metric measured by Arbitron for radio, and it’s put out some similar statistics for smartphone use.

According to Arbitron, in 1Q/13 the typical smartphone user age 18 or older spent 36.7 hours using an app — accounting for 54% of their smartphone use.  That compares to just 11% of time that went to speaking on the phone.

That’s apparently become the norm — Arbitron says it sees similar app domination in the U.K. and China.  But it did see variations among U.S. smartphone owners. Arbitron says U.S. women use their smartphones more than men, but they browse less and text message more than men.  Young adults are most engaged with their smartphone, while older Americans spend a larger share talking than texting or using apps.

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